Welcome to Film Frenzy!


In this day and age, chances are, if you’re shooting film, then you are in LOVE WITH IT.

You love the real-ness, the tones, the imperfections, the colour palate, the grain, the soul that it has. You also probably aren’t a huge fan of post-processing. What is going to make or break your success in shooting film is the lab you choose to process it. Your chosen lab is in fact your entire post production team. They take your film and not only develop it, but give it the treatment that your images deserve. They will scan it and make adjustments for white balance, contrast, exposure, brightness and tones. Your images should be either client-ready, or a 5 second personalised adjustment away from being client-ready. All the things that you usually spend hours in Photoshop and Lightroom adjusting on your digital files, you are entrusting your lab to do, for you. If they don’t do a good job, or if they just hit the “auto” switch, trust me, you’re going to be disappointed.

So how do you find a good lab? Well. There are a few things that are vitally important. …

Experience – In 2013 it is getting more and more difficult to find people who are still enthusiastic about shooting and processing film. Here at Film Frenzy -ALL our staff shoot film. The owner, Susan Gravina, shoots 100% film in both personal and her wedding work. That film work has been picked up and published in many well known wedding blogs and a few magazines too. She knows what a good lab should be like as she has scoured the world looking for one. And now she has started her own. Susan’s support staff have all worked in labs for many, many years and have knowledge and experience that is hard to come by these days.

Great Customer Service – Film Frenzy love your film. We love your film as if it were our own film. We will work with you to complement and enhance the look and feel of you work, and provide consistency to ensure that each and every job you send us is returned to you looking amazing and just like YOUR work. We have dedicated technicians allocated to each photographer. So every job you send us is taken care of by the same person every time. We will meet our timeframes for delivery of your files and if something happens and we can’t, we will let you know – well in advance! We are dedicated to making sure you also meet your client timeframes and expectations so we’ll always keep you in the loop.

Quality Control – Here at Film Frenzy we use Fuji systems in both our processing and scanning. We use the latest and best scanner – the SP3000. We have amazing relationships with Fuji Australia and any problems we may encounter are attended to and rectified speedily. We check that our machines are “In Control” every single day and the control results are available to view at any time in our studio.

Try us out, let us LOVE YOUR FILM.